Monday, October 5, 2015

Growth Mindset: Reading Challege

This week has been incredibly stressful for me both academically and personally. Amid the piles of papers and mountains of LSAT Prep tests, all I wanted was to curl up on my couch and read something just for pleasure.  Sadly, during periods that I am especially stressed, I make myself feel guilty for even taking the time to read the news -- something that I see as essential! So, as a growth mindset challenge this week, I challenged myself to alter my perspective.  By taking the time to read something I enjoyed, I wasn't just giving myself a break from essay writing. Rather, I was taking care of my personal health, developing stronger reading and writing skills, gaining new perspectives, and expanding my knowledge of literature -- all things to be proud of!

To extend the challenge a bit more, I picked up a genre that I typically do not gravitate towards.  Usually, I read historical fiction or classic literature; however, this time I tried reading a suspense novel! I really enjoyed it (even if I was a little jumpy afterwards!) and am looking forward to getting the chance to pick it back up and finish it! I have decided that from now on, when I go to the bookstore, I will pick out one book that is outside my usual preference along with my classic choices.

I'm looking forward to continue integrating this mindset into my school work this semester; it really makes a difference!

This book was given to me while studying abroad in Florence, Italy, where much of the plot takes place. Unfortunately, that version was in Italian! :) I am currently reading the English version, available for purchase here.


  1. Hi Audra, I know what you mean; it has been a very stressful week for me too. I have to prep for MCAT and just that itself is really scary. Unlike you, when I feel so stressed I just go and sleep. Otherwise I will not be able to focus on what I am doing. I should also start picking up books that is outside my norm, hopefully I will enjoy it as well.

  2. Hi Audra!
    Usually when I'm stressed I just want to nap forever, maybe five-ever. Simply because I don't ever get much sleep and it feels like a small escape. I, like you, always feel a little guilty when I set some time aside to myself because I feel like I'm being very counter productive and should be getting stuff done. I'm really glad you liked this book because I read it a couple years ago and enjoyed it as well! Good luck!

  3. Audra. You took the words straight out of my mouth. Whenever I get particularly stressed, I really want to take a little bit of time for myself to do something I enjoy, but I end up feeling guilty just thinking about doing anything that isn't work or school related! I'm glad you found success in altering your perspective, because that means maybe I can find the same success as well! How cool about your bookstore challenge as well, maybe I'll have to try that! Best of luck!!

  4. Audra, first, let me commend you for going through the work in order to prep for the LSAT! What a hard exam! I know the feeling of stress because I am having to start worrying about the CPA exam as I am an accounting major. These are not fun tests and can make life feel very stressful for us students at times! I thought that it was really cool how you changed your mindset and read a suspense novel for fun! Very interesting!

  5. Hi Audra! I wish you the best of luck on your LSAT! Standardized exams are the worst. I took my MCAT a few months ago and I DIED! But I know you'll ace your LSAT. I'm glad you took the time for yourself and began reading suspense novels. I've heard that Dan Brown is a terrific writer. I haven't had the pleasure to read Angels and Demons yet but it's on my bucket list! Whenever you're feeling super stressed, remember to take a step back and recognize how far you've come. No challenge is too hard for you!